lake agnes teahouse
half-day trail ride

Departure times: 9:00 am and 1:00 pm

$173.25 per person – Approximately 3-Hour Ride


Known as one of the most popular trails in the Canadian Rockies, our Lake Agnes teahouse ride will climb to an elevation of 7,000 feet to a tarn nestled in a valley high above Lake Louise. This historic mountain teahouse, named after the wife of Canada’s first Prime Minister, was originally built in 1901, and rebuilt in 1981.

The trail follows along the tree line of Lake Louise through a large growth of sub-alpine forest rich with spruce and fir trees. You will see Lake Louise below and the lower level of Fairview Mountain. As the trail climbs steadily to your teahouse destination you will soon view the base of Big Beehive Mountain and Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake is often referred to as “the goat’s looking glass” as mountain goats till populate this area.

Climbing above Mirror Lake, the massive peaks of Mount St. Piran, Mount Aberdeen and the glacial peaks of Mount Temple will all come into view. Mount Temple is the third highest peak in Banff National Park, at 11,500 feet high.


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